It's a Better Time Than Ever to Offer EMV

The topic of EMV is not new among the POS and merchant processing industry. But while the discussion has lost a bit of steam, the opportunity for point-of-sale vendors hasn’t.

It is no secret that the adoption rate for EMV has been slower than expected. What is more surprising is the number of merchants who still do not understand what EMV is or the risks that are involved with not accepting chip cards. The industry as a whole has seen an influx of fraudulent chargebacks due to consumers who are now savvy enough to identify merchants who do not accept EMV. Cardholders looking to take advantage of merchants who still swipe has become more common costing merchants millions of dollars a year in indisputable chargebacks.

PCI-DSS Doesn't Have to be Difficult.

As an added benefit for your merchants, Priority I.S. offers FREE Self Assessment Questionnaire (SAQ) support and Quarterly Network Scans through our ControlScan app.

Below are the steps your merchants can take to set up their ControlScan account and begin the SAQ/scanning process. Be sure to download the Word document below for the copy and sample images that can be forwarded to your merchants.

Understanding the Differences Between Cash Discounting and Surcharging

It’s a hot topic now: Cash Discounting vs Surcharging. How are they defined? How are they implemented? What are the repercussions of running one of these programs improperly?

There is a shift in merchant processing and many processors are scrambling to understand Cash Discounting and Surcharging as the rules become clearer on how merchants can pass the processing fee off to the cardholder when using a credit card.

5 Ways POS Systems Are Changing (and Why It Matters)

Point-of-sale (POS) systems are advancing, providing businesses with greater flexibility, control and intelligence than ever before. Businesses have moved from traditional cash registers and stationary credit card readers to iPads and even mobile- or cloud-based POS systems. This shift in technology will not only provide businesses with additional features, but also allow businesses to keep all reports and transactions in one place.

Softening Your Merchants’ Impact of an Interchange Rate Increase

As expected, Visa and Mastercard have confirmed an April 2019 increase in interchange rates, the fee charged by banks that covers the cost of handling and credit risk inherent in a bank credit or debit card transaction. While they have not announced the amount of the increase, your merchants should expect to pay slightly more for their merchant processing in the coming months.

Why Transparency Should be Important to ISV/VARs and Their Merchants

There’s little doubt that today’s technology is complex, and ISVs and VARs must embrace the ever-changing POS and Merchant Processing Industry to stay relevant. Dig a little deeper and one can quickly see that there are other elements at play. There is an increasing need to offer downstream transparency, from the processor to the merchant.

Using Priority's Free MX Express Mobile Processing App as a Backup

If your merchants need to be out and about while transacting or are looking for a powerful backup processing solution, MX Merchant offers a mobile Android/iOS app built to suit their needs. MX Express is an easy to use application that allows merchants to accept mobile card payments (with or without card reader) with optional gratuity.

Visa: Why Target’s Tap-And-Pay Leap Will Ignite Contactless Cards

After many years as a holdout in the world of near-field communication (NFC) payments, Target grabbed a lot of headlines yesterday (Jan. 22) with its announcement that it is embracing contactless payments. Target will enable this feature at checkout at all 1,800 of its U.S. stores over the next several weeks.

The Seven Benefits of Partnering with Priority I.S.

Control What Matters the Most—Your Ability to Succeed!

It doesn’t really matter what business you are in today—everyone is looking for ways to be in control of data. Companies want to make a significant impact and stay in-step with advancing technology and do it securely. As we move into the new year, competition will only get more intense.