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Underwriting Guidelines: How to Avoid Application Pends

Underwriting is typically used in references to banks or insurance companies, but it simply means that an institution will receive a payment and, in exchange, they agree to cover any potential risk. With regards to merchant accounts, they are technically receiving a line of credit, so it is important that a merchant account provider evaluate the business credibility and credit worthiness for any & all potential clients.

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(Part II of III) How To Present Merchant Services to Your POS Clients

In the first part of this three part series, TITLE AND LINK, I covered different approaches to take  when presenting merchant processing to your POS Prospects. In this series, Part Two, I will go over the steps I took to successfully offer merchant services to my POS clients that were using other processors. At the risk of sounding repetitive, the questions being asked are somewhat similar, but the delivery is much different.

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(Part I of III) How To Present Merchant Services to Your POS Prospects

A question I come across a lot from our partners is “What is the best way for me to introduce merchant services to my clients?” It’s a great question and one that I enjoy answering.

There is no doubt the topic of merchant processing can be difficult to cover with merchants. Chances are, the business owner has been burned by a processor in the past or spends a good portion of their week dodging aggressive sales reps. The industry has gotten a bad wrap because of this.

In this three part series, I will layout my experience in the POS and merchant processing industry and how I found success with relationship focus selling.

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Understanding the Differences Between Cash Discounting and Surcharging

It’s a hot topic now: Cash Discounting vs Surcharging. How are they defined? How are they implemented? What are the repercussions of running one of these programs improperly?

There is a shift in merchant processing and many processors are scrambling to understand Cash Discounting and Surcharging as the rules become clearer on how merchants can pass the processing fee off to the cardholder when using a credit card.

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Why Transparency Should be Important to ISV/VARs and Their Merchants

There’s little doubt that today’s technology is complex, and ISVs and VARs must embrace the ever-changing POS and Merchant Processing Industry to stay relevant. Dig a little deeper and one can quickly see that there are other elements at play. There is an increasing need to offer downstream transparency, from the processor to the merchant.

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