(Part III of III) How Priority I.S. Partner, Gorilla Technologies, Found Success Offering Merchant Services


The final part of our three part series will highlight a Priority I.S. partner with a success rate of over 95% when it comes to signing their clients up for merchant processing.

Since 2014, Gorilla Technologies has delivered a suite of restaurant solutions including wifi marketing, failover internet, point-of-sale, and merchant processing. Over the years, Josh Carper, VP of Business Development, has crafted his message when introducing merchant services to his clients. “I learned early on that merchant processing is not a favorite discussion topic for business owners,'' says Josh. “The research alone can be overwhelming for business owners, so I needed to change my strategy.”

Josh found success by signing his customers up for merchant processing when given the opportunity to build rapport over a topic they enjoy. He came to the realization that restaurant owners are much more excited to discuss the ROI and functionality of a POS system and less interested in any “savings” merchant processing can offer. With this in mind, he formulated a strategy that stands true today:

The Gorilla Tech Approach


“When first meeting with prospects, I rarely mention merchant processing before a meaningful dialog about point-of-sale,” Josh says. “However, as the meeting is wrapping up, I casually mention credit cards to understand if they are still taking bids. Depending on their reaction, I leave it at that and allow POS to be our main focus over the next 3-4 weeks.” From that point forward, Josh makes sure to never be the first to bring up merchant processing. Rather, he spends his time building rapport and trust with the use of consultative selling. 

As the end of the sales cycle nears and he moves closer to closing the deal on POS, he casually mentions merchant processing once again. At this stage, he has spent a good bit of time consulting the restaurant owner on all facets of their business. Many businesses owners look towards Josh for input on various items, and merchant processing is no different.

“I cover the benefits of accepting merchant processing through Gorilla Technologies, but I am never pushy about it. Even though our clients can use any processor, I make it clear that (1) it is much easier for us to support our merchant’s credit cards when they use our service. Not to mention, (2) the restaurant will only have one support number to call eliminating the ping ponging many businesses go through between the POS and merchant processing company.” Josh continues by saying “(3) The fix time is MUCH longer for my clients who use other processors because of the breakdown in communication between Gorilla Technologies and their processor. By using our service, our clients are guaranteed a much faster solution because of the direct relationship I have with the processor.”

Josh has found that many times his client is less worried about credit card rates are and more content knowing they are buying from someone they trust. He has built an extensive client base in the Atlanta market through the use of referrals and word of mouth. ”Trust is key. They buy my POS because they trust me, and merchant processing is no different.”