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Helpful Links


Lead Submission- Forward merchant leads/prospects to Priority I.S.
Statement Analysis Request- Forward statements to Priority I.S. for help with analysis
MX ISO Agent- Board Application, Commission Reporting
PCI-DSS Council- A global organization that promotes PCI standards
POS Portal- POS Equipment Ordering
Datacap Activation/Closure Request- An online form to request a Datacap activation or closure for merchants

Support Numbers

Partner Support

Partner Relationship Team
Training | Assistance with Statement Analysis | Boarding Questions | Reporting and Residual Questions
(877) 515-8472 ext. 204

Partner Support/Implementation
Merchant Setup | Boarding Updates | Hardware Setup | Hardware and Processing Support for Partners
(877) 515-6464

Integrations Department
Setting up Integrations | Integrations Support

Marketing Support
Assistance with Design and Rollout Strategy
(877) 515-8472 ext. 203

Hardware Support

Pax Technology Support
Tech Support | Hardware Troubleshooting
(904) 900-3741

Dejavoo Support
Tech Support | Hardware Troubleshooting
(877) 358-6797

Clover Sales Support
(800) 778-9516

Clover Technical Support
(844) 864-5449

Merchant Support

Priority Tsys Merchant Support
24x7 Support Line for Your Merchants
(855) 813-5293

Priority FirstData Merchant Support
24x7 Support Line for Your Merchants
(800) 935-5961

Priroity Chargeback Department
FirstData: (800) 672-5007
Tsys: (866) 637-5467

Voice Authorizations
Visa, MC, Discover: (800) 228-1122
American Express: (800) 528-2121

24x7 Support Line for Your Merchants
(800) 711-5769

24x7 Support Line for Your Merchants
(877) 828-0720

24x7 Support Line for Your Merchants
(800) 859-5965

Gateway Support

USA ePay
(866) 227-4828

(215) 997-8989
(888) 323-4289



ACH.cOM API Integration


Pax Integration




Step-by-Step Instructions

Marketing Templates

As a kick-start to your marketing initiative, please feel free to use the samples templates below and make any necessary changes to fit your message. Need help getting started? Contact the Priority Innovative Marketing Department at 877.515.8472 ext. 203 or by email at

General Marketing

5" x 7" POSTCARD- General Merchant Processing (click for a preview) - A general 5" x 7" (rounded corners) postcard announcing merchant processing. Files are in .PSD format. For a custom card, please click the link below.

Photoshop Files
5x7 Rounded Corner Postcard FRONT.psd
5x7 Rounded Corner Postcard BACK.psd
Click here to Request a Custom Postcard

EMAIL- General Partnership Announcement - A general email announcing the partnership with Priority Innovative Solutions and detailing the benefits for the merchant.

EMAIL- General MX Suite Announcement - An emailing detailing MX Suite's capabilities including online and mobile payments.

EMAIL- General EMV Announcement.html - A general email detailing the benefits of EMV integration and statistics covering the increase in chargebacks and EMV usage.

EMAIL- General ControlScan Announcement - An emailing detailing the free ControlScan features available with all Priority IS accounts.