Tips on Informing Your Merchants About Additional Services Your Company Offers


  • The Power of an online Blog

  • Benefits of a client facing knowledge base

  • Using drip marketing to stay consistent

  • Use Priority I.S. as a resource

You have an amazing company, and you’ve worked hard to include value added services that can help your merchants grow. The final, and probably the most difficult, step is informing your customers and capitalizing on their interest.

Outside of using your company's time and resources to physically call on each of your merchants, there are cost-effective tools available that can help your communication. Below are some ideas on getting started and the steps you can take to maintain a strong online presence with your customers while attracting new prospects.

Tools to Consider

Below are some great tools to make your site more interactive for your clients. Another HUGE benefit is the traction your site can receive ultimately driving up your search engine ranking.

Online Blog

Tap into your knowledge. No one knows your business like you, so share it. Willingness to share this information builds credibility with your prospects and clients as well as drive traffic to your website. It is important to remember that the typical reader of your blog may not be a potential client. What you do earn are clicks, and that can go a long way on search engines.

Another great tip is to use your resources. Ask your employees for topics or even write-ups. This can make a huge impact by building credibility throughout your team and displaying the versatility of your office.

Online Knowledge Base

A knowledge base can not only be informative to your current clients, it can also drive new traffic to your site. When prospects search for solutions that fit the topic of your post, search engines look for indexed pages that fit that search based on activity and age of the page. When one works in conjunction with a blog and email engine, the click rate and page ranking can increase drastically. Below are some benefits one would consider when deciding to implement an online knowledge base:

  • Decrease your support load by directing your clients to an online resource.

  • Use the knowledge base to inform your clients about new features and offerings.

  • Clicks to your knowledge can mean more traction for your site elevating your in the “Google Game”. Now, when prospects search for a topic in your knowledge base, you are closer to the top of the list.

Email/Drip Marketing

Drip marketing can be a great way to stay in front of current and future clients. Emails can be automated and sent based on the users interaction with your emails. When your systems are working together, it can be a great resource to deliver the information hosted on your blog and knowledge base. Depending on the Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and email client you use, drip marketing can me set on autopilot by simply checking a box in your CRM.

Keys to Remember

  • Stay consistent. A typical marketing strategy can take 90-120 days to drive results when done correctly. Once it takes off, you will witness a snowball effect.

  • If needed, use outside resources to help you with your content strategy and creation

  • Priority I.S. has a marketing department available for our partners to help them get started. Email us at to get over your goals and develop a game plan.

Want help with a game plan? Reach out to us below and a Priority I.S. team member will reach out to you shortly.

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