Bay Area POS Finds a Home with Priority I.S.




Founded in 2005 as an IT company offering technical solutions to local companies, Bay Area POS (BAPOS) transitioned to a POS company in 2009 and continued to expand their offerings to meet the evolving needs of their 500+ clients. BAPOS ultimately found a niche in offering POS solutions to restaurants. This shift  and narrowed focus put them on track to become one of the fastest growing SoftTouch POS dealers in the nation.

Their Solution

Critical to their success, BAPOS recognized and took advantage of a growing trend among restaurants regarding how they purchase point-of-sale systems. Restaurateurs want lower up-front cost and a modular system that can be customized to fit their unique needs.

“Ultimately, we chose SoftTouch POS as our main solution because it is a robust restaurant POS that is hard to beat” says Shane Jones, owner of Bay Area POS. “It offers a licensing structure that allows the merchant to buy it now or pay a monthly subscription that covers software updates and 24/7 support.”

Finding a customizable solution like SoftTouch POS was crucial in BAPOS’ success. Some of SoftTouch’s features include:


Dine In
Takeout/Express Menu
Table or Quick Service
Caller ID
Drive Thru
Fast Bar Interface

Online Ordering
Mobile/Enterprise Reporting
Semi-integrated EMV Solutions
Real-time Dashboard Reporting
Cash Discounting Integration
PCI-DSS Out-of-Scope


Bay Area POS Finds a Home with Priority I.S.

In addition, BAPOS recognized the benefits of offering merchant services as part of their solution and the resulting impact doing so has on their revenue stream. The difficulty lies in finding the right processor with the right support at the right revenue split.

“When we compared our residual splits with Priority I.S. versus other processors we have used, Priority I.S.’s payout was the closest to matching their Schedule A than the others.” says Shane. “Typically, other processors produce about a 50% or less split after fees. Priority I.S. gives us the majority split of the revenue that is true to their Schedule A.”

But what is a lion’s share split without reporting to back it up?

Shane went on to mention “the [residual] reporting is also the best I have seen. You can see residuals at the transaction level.”

After reviewing our payout with Priority I.S., it is our assessment that Priority I.S. pays about 15-20% better than the other processors.
— Shane Jones

Another area Priority I.S. separates themselves from the competition is their partner and merchant support. Priority I.S. takes a personal approach when supporting their partners and it shows.

“They always handle the problem same day and have the skills to adapt and supply temporary solutions or workarounds on the fly to offer continuity” says Shane. “No down time. They know the devices well.”

Future plans

What does BAPOS plan for the future?

“Our main focus this year is cash discounting” says Shane. “We have great relationships with our clients, and providing a solution that can save them $50,000 a year in merchant processing fees is a no-brainer”.

BAPOS will expand their sub-agent channel with a focus on SoftTouch POS and merchant processing via their partnership with Priority I.S. The plan for agents is a full assistance approach with a process that allows the agent to become acclimated with SoftTouch POS while earning residuals - all without forcing contracts or quotas on the agent.

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