All merchant terminals and point-of-sale systems processing over the internet must support TLS v1.2 by February 1, 2018. Please find the correspondence sent by Priority Payment Systems below:


Date:  11.29.17
To:  MX/TSYS Clients
Subject:  ***Immediate Attention Required - TLS Internet Protocol ***

Dear Valued Client,

Due to changes in industry regulations, effective February 2018, TSYS requires that all terminals that are processing over Internet Protocol be moved to TLS v1.2 supported terminal applications. This transition must be completed by February 1st 2018 in order for the affected terminals to continue processing over IP.

Our Client Services team will be actively reaching out to impacted merchants through an out-bound call campaign beginning December 5th 2017, to assist with terminal updates.  

For offices that will be managing their own updates, you may submit requests for new file creations in bulk were applicable. If you would like your office(s) to be excluded from our call campaign, or to submit a bulk file build request, please contact our Relationship Management Team.

Verifone Vx520/Vx6803G
A full download to XEVA440 is required.

Ingenico iCT250/220 (ING01,INGEMV2, INGEMV3)
A full download to INGEMV4 is required if processing over IP.

Please note that the INGEMV4 application is not compatible with the IPP220 Pin Pad. Merchant’s using this device will need to upgrade to the IPP310 or switch to internal Pin Pad as long as the terminal is encrypted. 

Dejavoo Terminals
Dejavoo has already updated their terminal applications for the V and Z Series to support TLS 1.2.

For Agents that build their own Dejavoo terminal files, please work with your Merchant to update their file. If you have any questions please contact Dejavoo directly. If Priority built the Dejavoo terminal file for your Merchant, please have them contact our Client Services Team for assistance in updating their terminal. 

PAX S-80/90
These terminals must be updated to the latest TSYS application, version V1.02.16E

1) If PPS built your PAX terminal file, we have been updating them to support TLS and set up for auto download. There is nothing further for you to do in this scenario.

2) If you build your own PAX terminal files, click here to follow the instructions to update the file for your PAX merchants.

Equinox (Hypercom) T4220
These terminals do not support TLS 1.2 and must be upgraded to a compliant device or continue processing as dial only.

VAR Solutions
The TSYS Acquiring Solutions Value Added Reseller (VAR) support team has communicated with our VAR partners to inform them of the SSL 3.0 and TLS 1.0 issues. Most VAR partners have reported that updates are already in progress. Specific information regarding the proper method of upgrading (such as software updates or terminal replacements) will vary and should be discussed with the VAR provider.  

For assistance with new file creation and/or questions regarding your existing terminal applications, please contact our Client Service Team.

Please contact our Relationship Management Team, if you would like a list of your impacted Merchants.

Thank you for your continued partnership.

Priority Payment Systems