Priority I.S.'s mission is to give our ISV partners the tools they need to be successful. We provide complete transparency in regards in expenses, income, and residuals. With open lines of communication and never-ending advancements in the latest technology. The Priority Advantage is clear.

What Makes Us Different 

A True, Concise Schedule A: Know your terms and exactly what you receive.

Powerful Residual Reporting: Easy to understand residual reporting with ability to drill down to the interchange level.

Open Lines of Communication: Dedicated Priority Payments staff member manages your development process. Our success hinges on your success.

You Have Control with MX™

Manage your Commission and Down-Line Portfolio

Submit Applications and Update Accounts

Track Daily Volume, ACH, Chargebacks, Retrievals, and Other Indicators of Every Account

Real-Time System to System Interface Available


The Power of MX™ Reporting

The following is a comparison of an actual merchant statement. The first two images below show the merchant's statement and a summary of the total volume, fees, and residuals.


Merchant statement below shows total monthly merchant fees of $365.39.

Gain/Loss Overview

Agent portal shows a gross income of $365.39 and Gain/Loss of $100.35.

Total Gain/Loss (residual) for This Account: $100.35

After all rates and fees are accounted for by adding the five tabs above, your total residual matches the Gain/Loss amount on the "Gain/Loss Overview".

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