The Seven Benefits of Partnering with Priority I.S.


Control What Matters the Most—Your Ability to Succeed!

It doesn’t really matter what business you are in today—everyone is looking for ways to be in control of data. Companies want to make a significant impact and stay in-step with advancing technology and do it securely. As we move into the new year, competition will only get more intense. 

Priority I.S. specializes in helping Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) and Value Added Resellers (VARs) become their own Independent Sales Organization (ISO), and we are committed to providing today’s ready-to-use tools that are needed to move quickly in our ever-changing and technologically advancing world, especially in the POS environment. 

When ISVs and VARs partner with Priority I.S., they become a part of an advanced team that seeks to be fast, smart, and strong. 

Priority I.S. starts with transparency. Our communication is open and clearly defined in a Schedule A. Our partners own their merchant portfolio with no exclusivity agreements and can borrow against it or sell it at any time. They learn effective ways to manage their merchants while having full access and knowledge to information at every level. 

Priority I.S. partners also have control over pricing their own rates and data and this is powerful. It gives ISVs and VARs the ability to market better, communicate smarter, and control their revenue. 

In addition to the Schedule A, Priority I.S. partners have access to MX™ ISO Agent, a powerful online business management tool. It provides a secure, feature-rich suite of API’s that work to enhance their existing product. Our intuitive technology, convenient features, and value-added business services make our MX™ ISO Agent a one-stop unbeatable API payment solution that can easily integrate into POS and eCommerce systems with the benefit of remaining PCI-DSS out of scope..

So Why Priority I.S.? Here are just six of the many advantages of working with us:

  1. Partnering with Priority I.S. means receiving the majority share of the residual revenue.

  2. Our merchant sales and support team understands the POS industry assists through the entire process, from sales to implementation to support.

  3. We offer transparent information on all income and expenses. Plus, Priority I.S. owns their merchant portfolio.

  4. Our partnership is tailored to the needs of our partners. This provides more flexibility and creativity. Our partners determine the level of your involvement and the portion of residuals that they make.

  5. We improved the merchants’ experience by offering a wider range of services, which includes free online credit card reporting for the merchant, recurring invoicing with online payments, mobile payments, free PCI-DSS assistance and quarterly scanning, and much more.

  6. With a partner success team ready to help with integration needs, we provide an easy EMV semi-integration tool that takes POS systems PCI-DSS out of scope.

  7. Priority I.S. offers White Label Branding on merchant statements along with the benefit of backend support from Priority I.S.

The mission of Priority I.S. is to give our ISV and VAR partners the tools they need to be successful. Unlike many other companies, our goal is to be completely transparent regarding expenses, income, and residuals. 

Our partners will be connected with a Priority I.S. staff member who will personally manage the development process. Bottom line: our success hinges on our partners’ success.

With our commitment to creating and maintaining open lines of communication and never-ending advancements in the latest technology, the Priority I.S. advantage is clear. Priority I.S. delivers a safe, custom ecosystem that is designed to fit our partners’ needs and offers control over matters most: your business.