Five Keys Choosing the Right Merchant Processor


Selecting the merchant processor that’s best for your business is not an easy task. Too many merchants fall into the trap of simply looking for the provider with the lowest quote only to find themselves paying more after exposing hidden processing fees. Over time, this can turn into a very expensive mistake.

So, what makes the difference? When looking for a merchant processor, you want a company that has a firmly established track record of reliability—one that can easily be integrated into your current POS environment, is strong, secure, competitive, and has a commitment to customer service. Do not get too focused on what numbers are on your quote – it’s the overall total cost over time that matters. This includes processing rates, time spent dealing with unknowledgeable support staff, and excessive pricing on equipment.

Aside from pricing, not all merchant accounts provide the same level of service when it comes to supporting your POS. You should always choose a merchant service provider willing to work with your point-of-sale company to make sure your issues quickly get resolved. It is too common for merchant processors to hand the merchant off to the POS company without making an effort to truly understand the issue.

As many processors try to “catch up”, Priority I.S. has lead the industry in their support, pricing, and understanding of the POS industry. Priority I.S. is not simply a merchant processor. Priority I.S. works closely with point-of-sale companies to resolve issues with some of the fastest resolution times in the industry. It is what they call “They Priority Advantage” which also includes:

  • Support That Works WITH your POS company, Not Against. The Priority Innovative Solutions teams are dedicated to your business and financial goals. Customer service is more than just a catch phrase to us, and we strive to be the best in the industry.

  • Hardware that meets the unique needs of your business. Priority I.S. delivers the right type of equipment to work with the POS system and fit the merchant’s needs.

  • Software that keeps track of your business so it can grow. Free Access to the MX Merchant™ Portal for Online Reporting, Email Invoicing, and Mobile Payments.

  • Transparent, reasonable, and honest. Priority I.S.’s pledge is to be completely transparent with FAIR pricing and easy to read statements.

  • Free PCI-DSS Assistance with ControlScan. Priority I.S. provides the necessary support and tools needed to analyze, remediate, and validate PCI compliance.

Despite all the unscrupulous practices in the processing industry, Priority I.S. is a company that offers high-quality service at a fair, reasonable cost. They offer same day approval and, in most cases, you can be running credit cards within hours.

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