Cash Discount Program


Eliminate Fees for your Merchants

Priority I.S.'s Cash Discount Program is a proven, turnkey approach to help merchants save money by eliminating merchant processing fees.

Our Cash Discount Program is not a convenience fee or a surcharge. Merchant's simply price their items at cash discount prices. When a customer chooses to pay with a credit or debit card, a non-cash price adjustment will be passed through to the customer and deposited in the merchant's bank account the following day.


Here's How it Works

  1. The merchant will post a sign in their store notifying customers of a Customer Service Fee on all sales. If a customer pays with cash, the merchant will waive the Customer Service Fee and discount the sale.
  2. The credit card terminal will provide an additional line item on the credit card receipt for the amount of the Customer Service Fee that the customer is responsible for paying. There is no additional steps or calculations needed from the staff at the time of sale.
  3. After the merchant batches their credit cards, they will receive a deposit for the full amount of the sale PLUS the Customer Service Fee.
  4. The merchant will be billed for their processing cost which will offset against the service fees.


For the sake of simplicity, let's say the customer makes a $100 purchase. Below is an example if the merchant were to charge a 4% Customer Service Fee.

Cash Purchase

Cash Discount Program Sample Cash.jpg

Debit/Credit Card Purchase

Cash Discount Program Sample CC.jpg

Sample Signs for the Merchant's Location

Below are two samples for signs available for download that should be displayed at the merchant's location. 

Cash Discount Sign.pdf (Items)
Cash Discount Sign.pdf (Items and Services)

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